Radio Networks , Transmission & IP CORE.

End to end Project management.
Installation, commissionning and acceptance of Radio transmission equipment.
Network maintenance .
Construction of Telecom infrastructure.

Conseils, Outsourcings and training

Our services are carried out by a staff of 31 qualified people, trained on the equipment and able to work in heights.
They are individually equipped with EPI (Personal Protective Equipment), working tools and the necessary measuringdevices. They are capped by 4 administrative assistants .

Operating and Maintenance

Technical Support Spare parts exchange and dispach for repair Software update .
Incident tracking on a dedicatedticketing platform.
Resolution and closure of incidents withincontractual deadlines (SLA)

Directorate Message

Our company build sits success around its experience and expertise, with the strategy of customer satisfaction, to meet today and tomorrow requirements, the values ​​that drive us make our company the preferred partner of telecommunications projects.
Today, we are facing the challenge of deploying ultra-fast broadband for mobile networks with 4G as well as in fixed-line fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.

The direction

Founder & CEO

Microwave , optical networks Architecture and topology design.

Microwave path survey: LOS ( Line of Sight ) definition

Microwave budget link calculation

Frequency Interference study and coordination

Microwave networks

Radio KPI, KPI data and QoS, Capacity management

Development of HLD and LLD


We are the leaders

Projets phares
Projet clés en main avec NEC Corporation pour Orange Tunisie
Office national de télédiffusion
Contrat Projet: 2016 Installation de 12 antennes FM à dipôles 06 Station d’emission radio
Tunisie Telecom
Installation sites Radio 2G / 3G Ericsson en partenariat avec Sotetel pour Tunisie Telecom 2011
Installation radio 4G fixe « Outdoor » pour usage domestique de l’internet haut débit,pour Ooredoo Tunisie en 2016.
NEC Corporation France
Contrat cadre avec NEC France depuis 2011
NEC Corporation Japon
Contrat cadre avec NEC Corporation NEC Bureau de projets à Tunis, depuis 2009

Actor reference since 2011

Link FH
MW site topology design
LOS study

Here is home

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COMETEL mains references and realisations

Installation 4G broadband outdoor access point for domestic internet access, for Ooeredoo Tunisia 2016

Installation of Ericson 2G/3G radio BTS/Node-Bs parthenership with SOTETEL for Tunisia Telecom

Installation and commissioning of Ericson's IP MSAN nodes

Frame agreement with NEC France since 2011

Installation and commissioning of Ericson's IP MSAN nodes